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Saints Draft

Introducing The New Orleans Saints Draft Class Of 2011

By Editorial Staff

Picks:DE Cameron Jordan  Round 1,Pick #24, RB Mark Ingram Round 1, Pick #28, LB Martez Wilson Round 3, Pick #72, CB Johnny Patrick  Round 3, Pick #88 DE Greg Romeus Round 7,  Pick # 226 and LB Nate Bussey Round 7,  Pick #243.

The Saints were able to fill each area that was a concern to them going into the draft, almost in order. The team needed to get younger at defensive end, so they got Jordan in the first round.

They needed a complete running back to be able to compliment Thomas, Ivory and hopefully Bush, not to mention the explosive passing game, which i think Ingram will help restore some overall balance to the offense.

They needed to get more athletic at linebacker, so they got Wilson. They needed to get some depth at corner-back, so they selected Patrick.

Jordan and Ingram are extremely high-character, hard-working players who will be significant contributors even if they never become great stars.

Most important, the Saints were aggressive, trading away a first-round pick next year to get players who can help them take advantage of the window of opportunity they have right now.

The Saints want to be playing in the Super Bowl in 2011, that’s why they were aggressive and were able to grab players in the draft that can help right now, and years to follow.