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2011 NFL Mock Draft: SEC Dominates Top Ten

By Editorial Staff
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Ryan Mallet – QB – Arkansas

In obvious need of a quarterback, many pundits see Seattle taking Locker with their first rounder.  Pete Caroll will have a hard time turning down Mallet’s strong arm.  There are a lot of question marks with him, but the strength he puts behind a ball makes him a much stronger NFL hopeful than Locker.

Aaron Williams- CB- Texas

This may be a little high for Williams, but Baltimore has a definite need at cornerback.  His ball skills and body length make him an ideal candidate for CB or even a possible transition to FS.

Gabe Carimi – OT – Wisconsin

With the defensive linemen frenzy that this draft will be, Carimi should easily fall to 27 and Atlanta would be wise to take him over their need at DE.  His athleticism and toughness will only lead to a better-protected Matt Ryan, which is scary to think about.

Jabaal Sheard – DE – Pittsburgh

In the 3-4 defense, Sheard would most likely fall into a OLB role, which would work well due to his great pass rushing ability.  New England’s front seven will most certainly be the focus of this year’s draft, and luckily for them, there is a wealth of talent in that arena.

Marvin Austin – DT – North Carolina

Austin is a question mark first rounder because of his 2010 suspension, but, as he proved his worth in his first three years at UNC, it would make sense for the Bears to take him here and add a talented player to the D-line.

Steven Paea – DT – Oregon State

A big body and a proven run stuffer, Paea would be a stretch here, but the Jets’ needs and what will be left on the board make him the right choice.  He surprises opponents with his quickness and also harbors exceptional strength.

Derrick Sherrod – OT – Mississippi State

(Should read 31st pick)  Big Ben enjoys a good beating, but he might be running on one too many concussions these days.  The Steelers could use a good offensive lineman, and Sherrod is a late first-rounder who is NFL ready on either the left or right side of the line.
Mikel Leshoure- RB- Illinois

Green Bay’s project this season will be to balance out the pass and the run in their offensive scheme, thus making their offense even more potent.  Mikel Leshoure is a big, fast running back with good hands out of the backfield who can help keep offenses on edge.