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New Orleans Saints: Latest News And Pre-Draft Analysis

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Yesterday Pete Prisco’s annual “Top 100” NFL players list was published, and not surprisingly several Saints made the cut.

Obviously one of the players was quarterback Drew Brees, the unquestioned leader of the offense and team as well as the current face of the players in the ongoing labor dispute.

Brees was named the tenth overall best player, behind names like Nnamdi Asomugha, Andre Johnson and DeMarcus Ware among others.

He also was the fourth ranked quarterback on the list behind Payton Manning and Tom Brady, who tied for the top spot, and was also behind Super Bowl XLV winner Aaron Rogers, who ranked sixth overall.

The argument can be made that he should be ranked higher on the list. Then again the list is based off the 2010 season, not a career, and admittedly Brees’ year was less than spectacular considering the career high twenty-two interceptions he threw.

He is more than worthy none the less of the desigantion as one of the leagues current and best super star players. Certainly he gets my nod over Manning and Brady.

Brees took over the Saints in 2006 after being allowed to test the free agent market by way of  the San Diego Chargers, it was a marriage that exceeded all expectations.

In the five NFL season since Brees signed with the Saints he has thrown for more yards than any other quarterback in the history of the league with 22,918.

He came tantalizing close to breaking Dan Marino’s long standing record for single season passing yards, throwing for 5,069 yards in 2008, just fifteen yards shy of Marino’s 1984 mark of 5,084.

Brees lead the Saints to their first ever Super Bowl championship in 2009 while setting a new benchmark for quarterbacks in completions percentage when he hit in 70.6 percent of his passes, a new NFL record.

Without Brees the Saints recent successes and potent aerial attack would not exist. The perennial playoff threat they have become would also not likely be the case.

Sean Payton surely would have found a way to generate some sort of success without him, but we all know the Saints aren’t the Saints without Drew Brees.