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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Newton Not Number One, Ingram Still Top Fifteen

By Editorial Staff
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Cameron Heyward – DE Ohio State

Heyward, the 6’5″ 294 lb. former Buckeye, could land in Atlanta to take aging John Abraham’s position. Heyward is very athletic and has pretty good size, but lacks pass rushing skills. With improvement in that area, Heyward could wreck havoc on the NFC South for years to come.

Justin Houston – OLB/DE Georgia

Houston fits perfectly with New England’s 3-4 scheme. Houston’s edge pass rushing skills will highly beneficial and will provide stability to a young linebacking corps. in 2010, Houston posted 18.5 TFL and 10 sacks at Georgia.

Muhammad Wilkerson – DT Temple

Chicago already possess one of the best defenses in the league, adding Wilkerson will only make them better. in 2010, Wilkerson posted 13 TFL and 9.5 sacks. His skills will benefit Julius Peppers, and vice versa.

Aaron Williams – CB Texas

Paea wowed the combine with his brute strength, repping 225 lbs. an astonishing 49 times. His size and strength will make him the anchor to the Jets 3-4 defense.

Stephen Paea – DT Oregon State

The Steelers know they need to address their secondary after getting torched by Aaron Rodgers in Super Bowl XLV. Williams’s athleticism will improve the aging and struggling secondary of the 2010 runner-up.

Adrian Clayborn – DE Iowa

The defending champs have very few holes. Injuries is their main problem. Clayborn may be the best player on the board and his explosiveness will be beneficial to an already elite defense.

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