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New Orleans Saints Free Agent Breakdown; Fans Comment On Keepers

By Editorial Staff
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4. Tory Humphries can be replaced.

I agree with this comment, he has only played in 3 games with 2 receptions for 19 yards and 0 touchdowns since signing with the Saints in 2009.

 5. Bushrod could be expensive to keep. However, if Charles Brown is ready he is expendable.

Jermon Bushrod needs to be resigned to a long term contract, he was thrown into the starting role when Jamel Brown was injured before the 2009 season and carried the load since, although he may have trouble with some defensive linemen in pass protection, he has been steady in a league where left tackles are hard to come by.

The Saints tendered Bushrod at the second-round compensation level, which means their offer was in the range of $1.8 to $2 million per year.

Charles Brown will be a great addition to the offensive line once he gets some substantial playing time in 2011, possibly able to break into the starting lineup next year.

1. Carl Nicks is an elite guard who the Saints must lockup long term.

I agree with this comment, the Saints should be looking at resigning Carl Nicks to a long term contact, they tendered Nicks at the first-round level, which means their offer was around $2.6 million right before the CBA expired.

2. Dunbar and Waters are backups who can be replaced.

I think the Saints should resign Jo-Lonn Dumbar and release Stanley Arnoux, who has been injured for most of the time since the Saints drafted (118th) overall in the fourth round in 2009.

I think Anthony Waters is a big part of the Saints special teams unit and should be resigned to a contract that’s inline with his playing ability.

I know the Saints have offered contract tenders to some of these players, but as of today no one has signed them, mainly due to the expirations of the CBA. That move alone will put all teams behind when it comes to free agent contracts and the players ability to shop their services around the league.

I hope when all of the dust settles that the Saints are able to resign the players they already have on their rosters and add depth through the draft.


Safety Roman Harper, guard Carl Nicks, offensive tackle Jermon Bushrod, receiver Lance Moore, tight end David Thomas, defensive tackle Remi Ayodele, defensive end Jeff Charleston and safety Usama Young received offers from the Saints prior to the old CBA expiring. As of today the Saints have only signed running back Pierre Thomas and Kicker Garrett Hartley to long term contracts.