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New Orleans Saints Free Agent Breakdown; Fans Comment On Keepers

By Editorial Staff
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The Saints had twenty nine free agents at the end of the 2010 season, when you look at the comments made by some fans it’s hard to believe that they want to cut most of the players that most of us have come to love.

While scouring the Internet looking at comments on other web sites, it really gave me a wide spectrum of opinions of what the New Orleans Saints fans really think about the Saints potential free agents. 

These kinds of deals are generally done by the team and potential free agents agent quietly during the first part of every off season.

Well with the lack of a new CBA being in place prior to the start of the free agency period, that has all changed.

1. Scott Shanle and Danny Clark need to go and the Saints need to upgrade that position.

Scott Shanle has ranked third respectivly on the team in tackles for the last 3 years, he is no slouch in the position, if anything he needs to improve his pass coverage skills. I would resign him to a contract equivalent to his skills.

Danny Clark is a relativity good backup player, but the Saints are going to upgrade through the draft at this position if one is available, if not resign him.

3. Betts and Jones were only signed because injuries and will not be resigned anyways.

I would resign Julius Jones  for the third back and release Ladell Betts, and look in the later rounds of the draft for a dependable back.

2. Anthony Hargrove and  Jimmy Wilkerson are valuable backups because of their versatility, but if we only keep one we will be fine.

We need to keep both players at their positions for consistency on the defensive line. Adding a young talented defensive end to the group along with the signing of defensive tackle Shaun Rogers will greatly improve that line next year.

4. Prioleau and Giordano are special team players that could be easily replaced.

I agree with the comment about Matt Giordana, he only contributed on 3 tackles last year on special teams and should be replaced with a young player that’s really trying to make the team at all cost.

Pierson Prioleau on the other hand contributed on quiet a few more tackles and also slotted to play in a few of the defensive packages, I think he is a good special teams player also and should be resigned accordingly.