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New Orleans Saints: Mark Brunell And The Latest NFL Lockout News

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On the NFL lockout front the players finally have gotten their day in court, although any resolution on th injunction to block it will have to wait a few more weeks until the judge issues her verdict.

The Brady vs. NFL legal battle kicked of today, a lawsuit filed by several players including Drew Brees, as the players attempt to successfully block the owner imposed lockout on the grounds it’s causing them irreparable harm and financial damage.

Judge Susan Nelson is overseeing the proceedings and seems to be siding with players on the matter. Meanwhile the NFL argued their point that she has no actual jurisdiction over the lockout and that it belongs at the mercy of the National Labor Board.

Whatever happens from here though is any one’s best guess as no one knows for sure who she will side with. However if she does favor the players and awards the injunction it’s likely not to be the end of the dispute as the NFL is expected to appeal a decision not in their favor.

That would mean more lengthy litagation between the two sides that could stretch well into the summer — so it looks like for now that the lockout is here to stay.