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New Orleans Saints: Mark Brunell And The Latest NFL Lockout News

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Quarteback Mark Brunell made millions throughout his pro career, but failed business ventures and un-realized real estate deals have led the soon to be 41-year old backup into bankruptcy.

Apparently Brunell owes more than 7.4 million dollars but has less then 1 million dollars throughout multiple bank accounts. Re-payment of his debt will come by way of the liquidation personal memorabilia and multiple homes he owns in various locations.

Brunell though must be a sentimental guy as he plans to re-acquire personal memorabilia totaling 16,300 dollars, contained in those items is his 2010 Super Bowl ring awarded to him while a member of the Saints.

In 2008 Brunell was signed to backup Drew Brees after his release from the Washington Redskins, where he was beat out in training camp by Todd Collins. Of course being Brees’ backup he saw little to no real game action.

After the 2009 -2010 season Brunell was a free agent, and was once again replaced by a younger and better player in Chase Daniel. He went on to sign with the New York Jets where he remains in a backup role to Mark Sanchez.