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Quan Sturdivant To The Saints; Right Pick In Second Round?

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Casillas once again injured his Achilles in the Saints fourth and final pre-seaon game and found himself on injured reserve ending his season. Williams scrapped the move and placed Shanle back on the weakside.

It’s likely that Casillas will return from the injury and once again push for a starting role. Regardless, it is however evident thet team still needs to infuse some young talent at either position.

Sturdivant most likely is being thought of, at least by the Saints, as a strongside linebacker, to which he is most suited given his strength and ability to fight of blocks with sheer athelticism and attack the play.

Scouts do however questions his ability to cover tight ends and running backs out of the backfield because they note he “offers only average balance and agility to remain with tight ends and running backs one on one” in pass coverage.

The “Will” linebacker in a 4-3 defense is more often then not called into pass coverage and must possess the speed to stay with potential receivers, which is not a position that suits Sturdivant’s current skill set.

From a value stand point Sturdivant makes sense for the Saints in the third round, where they hold the 8th and 24th pick, but it would be a stretch to try and select him sooner with his inadequities in pass coverage.