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2011 NFL Lockout: Judge David Doty Back On The Case

By Editorial Staff
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In their three-part request on Thursday for “money damages and equitable relief,” the players argued that the NFL’s breaches of obligation to secure fair TV deals were “deliberate, contemplated and willful.”

They argued that the antitrust suit filed by 10 players, including Saints quarterback Drew Brees, which is now known simply as the Brady case doesn’t change the need for independent relief from the harm they’re claiming.

The players asked for 57.5 percent of the so-called war chest revenues that Doty ruled was left on the table in 2009 and 2010 to put the league in better position for 2011. In pleading for an end to the lockout, players argued that the league should be denied its “ill-gotten gains” from the TV deals.

There is no amount of damages that can remedy the harm flowing from the work stoppage, citing the lack of opportunity to work out at team facilities, draw paychecks and market their services through free agency, among other setbacks.

Fans of every team are going to hear from both sides only what the lawers want you to hear, the bottom line is that most fans right now are watching baseball, basketball etc. Wait until around June or July when training camps are supposed to be starting up.

If this work stoppage is still ongoing at that time, some fans are going to bail out and may never return. The NFL teams and players need to realize this. I know that the players didn’t open Pandora’s box, but their lawers are contributing to the matter instead of helping to close it.


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