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New Orleans Saints: Comparing The 2009 Team To The 2010 Version

By Editorial Staff

During the 2010 season and after, I was constantly hearing that the New Orleans Saints were not that good. It is true I am a Saints fan and I may be a little bias down deep, but I am a football fan too.

Let’s take an overall look at the New Orleans Saints with some comparisons to the 2009 Saints that won the Superbowl. Starting in preseason of the 2010 season, the Saints lost several key players.

Once the season started, more key contributors were lost to injuries. Many of these injuries ended up sidelining players for much longer than was expected.

The Saints were saddled with the task of finding players that would be able to hopefully replace some of the lost production they were losing to these injuries. (How many other playoff teams went through 7 running backs in the season and post season?)

New Orleans extremely potent offense seemed to sputter at times. This had many people saying that the 2009 Saints were a fluke. Every week it seemed that there were penalties against the Saints that were a complete contrast to that sometimes seemingly flawless 2009 team.

The turnovers that seemed to always be in the Saints favor in 2009 were going in favor of the opposing teams in 2010. The 2009 Saints put a lot of points on the board early and forced teams in to positions that gave the Saints opportunistic defense numerous turnovers and big plays.

In 2010, it seemed like the Saints were making last minute rallies in order to win games which caused more big plays for opposing defenses. I say that the 2010 New Orleans Saints were definitely one of the elite if not the best overall team in the NFL!

I believe this with all my heart. The 2010 Saints with all the injuries, penalties, turnovers, lack of the high scoring games, and a complete opposite statistic in turnovers from the prior year were always still in the game.

They were so good that they were able to overcome all these hurdles and still finish with a 11-5 record.

So, for all those that think the 2009 season was a fluke. Keep thinking that, because with all the quality players, coaches, management, and fans that the New Orleans Saints have supporting and being active it is guaranteed that the New Orleans Saints football team is a force to be reckoned with now and in the future! WHO DAT!