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Can Albert Haynesworth Fit With The New Orleans Saints?

By Editorial Staff
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He has had a handful of pretty serious off-field issues, and his on-field attitude and effort have been questioned even more, but i think he has a big chip on his shoulder and will be looking to show people that he is not a bust and can play hard when given the right situation.

His situation with the Redskins is at an all-time low right now, and I’d be surprised if coach Mike Shanahan will put up with him for another year.

The Redskins can either cut him or find somebody willing to trade for him. They wouldn’t be able to ask for much, but at least they would be getting something in return.

Haynesworth just might need a change of scenery and some structure around him to turn things around, after all there is no doubt that he is talented.

There are several teams that could use the services of Haynesworth such as Detroit, New England, Cincinnati, and a few more not mentioned here.

The Saints getting Hanesworth is the least likely of all the scenarios, keep in mind that the Redskins technically still do have him on their roster.

They owe him a sizable chunk of money, and I don’t see them just cutting ties and letting him walk.

I could see it being a very ugly situation though, so I’m guessing Washington will be trying to avoid that.