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Can Albert Haynesworth Fit With The New Orleans Saints?

By Editorial Staff
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Some people have said the Saints may have suffered from the so called Super Bowl hangover,  or the Madden curse last season, but either way, there was definitely some drop off in productivity on both sides of the ball compared to 2009.

The Saints defense was scary good the year they won the Super Bowl, but they seemed to lack a spark this past season, even adding defensive end Alex Brown didn’t seem to help the Saints pass rush.

Maybe reaching out there and signing Albert Haynesworth would bring a very large presence to the Saints front seven, and perhaps, Saints defensive coordinator Greg Williams can reignite the flame under his butt.

New Orleans could be a place where Albert could find himself in a lot of trouble (off field), but i think with the right team, the right coaching staff surrounding him, Haynesworth could be a wrecking force to deal with.

Albert Haynesworth has been much maligned in the last couple years of his carrier, and he has given people plenty of reason to think negatively towards him.