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NFL Players Past and Present Show Unity In Face Of Lockout

By Editorial Staff
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Although there are no negotiations scheduled,  earlier this week Smith did invite NFL lawyers to discuss a settlement of the lawsuit, that request was turned down.

After both sides last met March 11 at a federal mediator’s office in Washington talks collapsed and the union decertified. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees  and seven other current and future players put their names on the lawsuit, then the NFL enacted the lockout.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell urged a renewal of negotiations several times during the owners’ meetings this week, saying that the faster we can get back to mediation, the faster we will get an agreement. We made a lot of progress during the mediation.

"The 17 days we were there forced us all to consider our positions, find the common ground, negotiate and come up with solutions for the issues that we’ve all addressed that are important to the game, important to the players and important to the clubs. I’m hopeful that we’ll get back there and resume them. — Roger Goodell"

Even though the union no longer exist, the players have formed their own alliance with players from all era’s, who have come together and formed a formidable group during the class action suit, scheduled to begin on April 6th.

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