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New Orleans Saints: Part 2 Of The Top 5 Moments in Team History

By Editorial Staff

Where There’s a Deuce, There’s a Way!

January 13, 2007.  In a season that saw the Saints’ workhorse, Deuce McAllister,rush for over 1,000 yds for the 4th time in his 6 year career, score double digit touchdowns for the first time since the 2002 season, and basically pummel opposing defenses each and every week, his season was defined by a 5 yard show of force that most certainly broke the will of the Eagles defense in the Divisional Playoff matchup.

Playing for the chance to enter the NFC Conference Championship game for the first time in franchise history, the Saints showed how much fight they had in them throughout the first half by hanging with the Eagles and entering Halftime down by 1 point.

If the Eagles thought that the same old Saints would emerge from the locker room for the second half, self-destructing and giving the game away, they were sorely mistaken.

After their offense scored on the first possession of the Second Half, the Eagles defense took the field, waiting for an inevitable that never showed up.  The Saints methodically drove the ball down the field and found themselves in a 1st and Goal situation on the 5-yd line with 9:40 left in the 3rd Quarter.

That’s when Deuce decided to stop playing around.

A HB Dive was called and on the snap Deuce took the handoff and was immediately held up at the line of scrimmage.  After first contact, the Eagles’ D swarmed and enveloped the pile, knowing this play was dead.

But the pile surged forward.  Another wave of defenders came to assist at about the 2, but still, that mass of bodies kept inching closer to the goaline. When it was all said and done, there was a gang of white jerseys and green pants lying about 2 yds deep into the endzone, and beneath it all, it wouldn’t be hard to believe that Deuce’s legs were still churning…even though he lost his helmet somewhere along the way!

His 5-yd touchdown with the Eagles entire defense on his back was all the motivation our squad needed to go out and finish this one off, which they eventually did by winning 27-24 and finally moving on to the Conference Championship game against the Bears the following week.