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2011 NFL Lockout: Will Owners Wise Up And Choose Football Over Money?

By Editorial Staff
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I attend as many games as possible to support my team and their beliefs along with all of their charities. I wanted to speak out today about the lack of thought from either side towards the people that are really going to pay. The new stadiums by way of higher state taxes, higher cost for a simple things such as a bottle of beer an hot dogs.

Yet we have no one in these negotiations supporting our needs, of all of the news that has come from all media outlets, its all about what the owners want, players needs, and not one mention about the public views other than saying the we as fans didn’t want an 18 game season.

Listen, I love everything about the NFL, and what these teams and men are fighting for every Sunday. I have heard more from the public about how both sides have made this a big mess and the NFL’s fan base is beginning to grow restless.

I want to say that I likely will go in to some kind of shock if the 2011 NFL season does not happen, but i do know this; If they decide not to come together and work this out, by next season I will have found something to do to make up for no football on Sunday.

RIGHT NOW I’M SCREAMING OUT LOUD THAT I’M A NFL AND A WHO DAT FAN, but the pending antitrust law suit getting ready to go through the courts is not about the NFL team owners, players or it’s fans, it’s about GREED and GLITTER.

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