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NFL And NFLPA Labor Battle: Full Details, Internal Documents Here

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DeMaurice Smith and the NFLPA have taken the stand of complete transparency to players and fans alike in the ongoing labor dispute.

In doing so they have made several internal documents accessible to the media as well as a copy of the antitrust law suite filed against the NFL by Drew Brees and others.

Allot of mis-information has surfaced over the last few days regarding the “offers” thrown out by the NFL to the NFLPA before they took the steps to disband as a union.

Commissioner Roger Goodell composed a four-page letter to the NFLPA re-iterating their claims that the offers made were more than fair and equitable for the players.

In this letter he outlines what was offered, but there are some discrepancies, according to the NFLPA.

They in turn responded back with their own four-page letter, essentially stating that the NFL is lying about what was offered, and the outline Commissioner Goodell had put in place in his letter was completely false and filled with irrelevancy.