New Orleans Saints: Brees, Bush And The Plan

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Drew Brees is quickly becoming the face of the players in the on going labor dispute. He is also head lining a lawsuit with nine other players levied against the NFL in a Minnesota Federal Court.

The players are hoping to get the hearing placed in front of Judge David S. Doty, a long time friend and advocate to the players themselves, which gives them the best chance of securing a new and favorable deal.

Currently the antitrust hearing is set for April 6th and the hope is on that day the players will win their injunction against the NFL and effectively block the lockout that was put in place last Friday in response the NFLPA decertifying as a labor “union” that same day.

Winning the injunction against the NFL would ensure a few things — free agency and football operations would carry on as normal under the rules of the expired CBA — among other things. More importantly however is the players would get an opportunity to prepare properly for the 2011 season.

In the off chance the injunction is not won and a lockout stays in effect then Saints quarterback Drew Brees is already putting in place a backup plan that would ensure at least that Saints players will organize team workouts starting in May somewhere and somehow.

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