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NFLPA Plans Hold Out Of Top Draft Picks; 2011 NFL Draft May Be Snoozer

By Editorial Staff
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After last Fridays union desertification, the union officially declared itself out of the business of representing players. The players, in exchange for giving up their rights under labor law, will be able to take their chances in court under antitrust law.

Although the NFLPA no longer represents players, it is still heavily involved “as a professional trade association” with the mission of  making sure the players are represented through out the process of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Fans from all NFL teams are in the same position as we are, not wanting to see any interruptions in the upcoming season.

Hopefully now that the decisions have been put in the hands of a federal judge, even though as of right now it’s not Judge David Doty, maybe we can get both sides to sit back down for more mediation and agree on a new CBA.

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