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New Orleans Saints: Reggie Bush, Jeremy Shockey, Latest CBA News

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No good news on the CBA negotiations, so for fans of the NFL it may be time to prepare themselves for a lockout that could extend into September, and threaten the 2010-2011 season. If that were to happen it would be the first time the NFL has suffered a work stoppage since 1987.

Seven days of federally lead negotiations between the NFL, NFLPA and team owners ended in futility as no progress was able to be made on they key issues that have driven a spike the league and it’s players, a deal is far from getting done.

Excerpt taken from George Attalah via ESPN article on the real issues behind the road block stopping the new CBA.

"According to the NFL and team owners, however, the “economic model in the NFL doesn’t work.” What’s more, they have prepared for and are openly threatening a lockout if it’s not “fixed.” What is their proposal to fix it? They’ve asked the players for more than a $1 billion reduction in the players’ portion of revenues in the first year alone of a future CBA. By the way, in a league with no guaranteed contracts, revealed dangers of the game and injury concerns at their peak, they want players to play two extra regular-season games."

It’s a worse case scenario and one the NFL’s team owners are prepared to dig in and fight to achieve. They will literally lock the players out of stadiums and team facilities until they get what they want.