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New Orleans Saints: CBA, Shaun Rogers, Latest Pierre Thomas News

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Running back Pierre Thomas is still recovering from serious surgery on his left ankle, the original injury happening in week three of the regular season which ultimately cost him ten games and an eventual injured reserve designation.

Thomas is set to become a free agent after playing out his one-year tender offer the Saints extended to him before the season once they were unable to reach a long term deal.

Management has declared that they want Thomas back at a reasonable salary next season but Thomas has maintained all along that he is not sure that he will be back even though he would like to stick with the team.

During his injury last season rumors began to swirl that the coaching staff was unhappy with his treatment of the injury and extended recovery time so much so that they nearly traded him to the New England Patriots. This claim was never officially substantiated by the team but it’s likely they indeed tried to shop him.

Now according to a tweet by thesaintsnation.com the Saints are said to have no interest in bringing Thomas back for another season according to “their” sources, linked here.

It’s unclear if there is any real merit in the claim or not but as unlikely as it seems there is the chance the Saints won’t try and bring him back considering they have a league high 27 free agents to contend with this off season.

What we do know is the emergence of Chris Ivory and return of Reggie Bush, Lynell Hamilton may be all the justifications the Saints need to part ways with Thomas for good.