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New Orleans Saints: CBA, Shaun Rogers, Latest Pierre Thomas News

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It’s now ten days away from March 3rd, the deadline by which a new collective bargaining agreement must be put in place that represents the players and owners sides fairly but equally.

The NFLPA, Roger Goodell and league leaders are currently meeting in DC for mediator led negotiations that has currently stretched into four of seven scheduled days and nearly twenty combined hours of talking between the two sides.

Reports indicate that no real progress has been made and in usual fashion the talks are stalling when it comes down to who gets the lions share of the money pie.

Owners claim rising costs and needs for new stadiums as reasons to cut players salaries but are unwilling to open their books and prove this claim.

Players say the NFL is a booming business and coupled with the whopping television contracts signed, which guarantees the owners a Taj Mahal size fortune with or without football next season, that there is no reason to cut into their share of the income generated by the NFL.

Likely these meetings are a last ditch effort to come to an agreement on a new CBA for all parties, that if not done will likely wipe out traditional free agency all together, and threaten the start of the upcoming 2011 NFL season, let’s hope they get it right.