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New Orleans Saints Could Bolster Run Defense With Veteran DT Shaun Rogers

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Not only would his addition help aid the Saints run stopping ability but it would provide valuable depth at defensive tackle which the team is sorely lacking at the moment.

The Saints have already signed three defensive tackles to the roster last month acquiring Mitch King and Swanson Miller, both undrafted rookies in 2009 and 2010, as well as CFL All-Star Tom Johnson formerly of the Calgary Stampeders. It’s obvious they are trying to beef up the defensive line.

Some may say that Rogers, who has been in the NFL  for ten years, is a bit long in the tooth and no longer can be productive. However he was used sparingly last season with Cleveland and is more than athletic enough to be a role player in the Saints defense in heavy formations geared at stopping the run.

His most productive seasons came while playing as a 4-3 nose tackle with the Detriot Lions from 2001-2008 where he posted 353 tackles, 29 sacks, 21 pass deflections and one interception for a touchdown. He can play in the Saints system without question, and unlike last season when they let two free agent nose tackles get away, need to pull the trigger here with Shaun.

Rogers is likely the piece the Saints have been lacking on defense since the days of LaRoi Glover (not comparing). We already know how good they can be against the pass, his addition is likely to help them be that good against the run

They better hurry though as interest in him continues to grow and at the time of this writing it was reported that Rogers was visiting with Washington Redskins brass for a potential new job, cue the onslaught of media coverage about what the Redskins plan to do with current defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth.