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Five Things The Saints Should Do In The Offseason To Stay Competitive

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1. Lock-up Drew Brees with a new and lucrative long-term contract.


Regardless of his problems last year no quarterback since 2006 has thrown for more yards or completed more passes than Drew Brees. He’s the franchise and this team is built around him. The Saints success starts quite literally with him so the team would be wise to show him the cash for his contributions to a once struggling franchise and keep his a Saint for the rest of his playing career.

2. Resign Marques Colston and Lance Moore.

Drew Brees needs receivers and these two, in my opinion, are his most valuable. Colston is his number one target and has been for a few years. He did have more drops than usual the last two seasons but is still a threat. Lance Moore is Brees’ favorite go to guy, especially on third down, and catches everything thrown his way. He’s also an incredible route runner and Brees continually raves about his dedication in becoming a great receiver.

3. Figure out which running backs to keep.

People are making all these predictions about who the Saints are gonna keep at running back, but seem to be forgetting about Lynell Hamilton. I believe he is going to factor in some kind of way next year. I think they need to find a way to sign Pierre Thomas to a long term deal without breaking the bank and also need to bring back Chris Ivory in a larger role. These two, plus Hamilton and PJ Hill, will give the Saints a very competitive backfield. Of Course the wild card in this is Reggie Bush. Try to bring him back at a reasonable price if he’s willing to do so. He’s a big part of the offense but not at $12 million a year.