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New Orleans Saints Defensive End Will Smith Suspension Finally Upheld

By Editorial Staff
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Former Saints guard Jamar Nesbit, tested positive for the banned diuretic, bumetanide, which they claim was an unlisted ingredient in an over-the-counter weight loss product called StarCaps. Nesbit elected to serve his suspension during the 2008 season, while all of the others chose to fight it.

McAllister has since retired from the NFL, and Grant was released by the Saints last year before spending time with the Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins.

Diuretics are banned by the NFL because they can mask steroid use. The NFL didn’t dispute the players’ claims that they didn’t know they were taking diuretics. But the league maintained that the players were responsible because they are repeatedly warned against taking such supplements, which the league said aren’t regulated and are often contaminated.

The players further argued that the NFL specifically knew that the StarCaps product was tainted and failed to warn players properly. They also argued that the league-appointed arbitrator who ruled on their suspensions, NFL attorney Jeffrey Pash, had a conflict of interest.

The courts, however, have continued to side with the NFL, ruling that the players agreed to the parameters of the league’s drug-testing system in their collective bargaining agreement.

The case was watched by other major sports leagues—including the MLB, NBA and NHL—which supported the NFL and a their drug-testing programs which would be at risk if players were allowed to challenge drug-testing policies in different state courts.

Hopefully this brings a close the StarCaps issue which has finally ran it’s course. The Saints will have some big shoes to fill for the first 4 games of next season because they are already weak at right defensive end.

The whole Who Dat Nation is behind Will Smith and the New Orleans Saints. GEAUX SAINTS !!

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