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Take Your Madden Game To The Next Level With The TD Freek


Are you a hardcore Madden gamer looking to get an edge over your competition? Whether your a casual gamer, online warrior or gaming pro look no further, the solution is here and it is the TD Freek from KontrolFreek!

The TD Freek works with both the XBOX 360 controllers as well as Playstation controllers to give more accurate and precise control over the analog sticks. Simply snap them on to lenghthen the controllers analog sticks to get 40% more leverage.

Leverage of course gives you greater control to juke, shutter and high step your way through defenses on your way to racking up huge amounts of yardage.

It doesn’t stop there however as it can improve your defensive skills by making it easier to spin and power over offensive lineman on your way to crushing the opposing quarterback. Just make sure it’s not Drew Brees your destroying.

I can personally attest to the effectiveness of the TD Freek as I just concluded a game playing the Saints against the Chargers where I put out nearly 1,000 yards of offense on All-Madden difficulty.

The TD Freek allowed me to utilize the Saints receiving core as I never had before as virtually every time Colston, Meachem or Henderson caught the ball I was able to easily juke defenders and out run them to the end zone. All three ended up with over 200 yards each, simply unstoppable.

Then moving to the run I was able to power through and juke defenders with ease while utilizing Pierre Thomas, I racked up nearly three hundred yards on the ground with seven touchdowns!

Trust me when I say you will be become a better Madden player with the TD Freek in your arsenal.

You can view all of the products offered by KonrolFreek by visting their website at www.kontrolfreek.com or if you prefer you can skip directly to the TD Freek product page by clicking the link —> TD Freek.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Madden on!

This is a paid endorsement by KontrolFreek who provided WhoDatDish.com with a free set of their TD Freek product to demo.