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New Orleans Saints: Training Camp Spell

By Editorial Staff

Gris Gris On The Other Team

Training Camp Spell

I call on my spirits like Ms Marie Laveau,
And my King of Voodoo Papa Legba you know,
I’ll use some gris gris powder and some hot panther blood,
Some hair from Benson’s behind and Mississippi River mud,
Add in some monkey bones and some fresh gorilla doo,
Mix it up to make some powerful new Voodoo,
I done cast me a spell of on da New Orleans Saints,
For no injuries in training camp not even a taint,
Oh Papa Legba looking down from afar,
Help me see da future in my crystal mason jar,
Now will I see any crutches on Reggie’s big leg,
Oh no Papa said all I see is some crazy chicks head,
OK how about St Drew will da Brees he stay healthy,
Yes only a paper cut from signing books and getting wealthy,
Well tell me about dat ball stealing Darren Sharper,
He said when training camps over he won’t need no walker,
What about Marques Colston and his big ‘ol long arms,
Papa said absolutely Marques will come to no harm,
And what do you see about dat big crazy Shockey,
He’ll be healthy and happy and ready to strap on his jockey,
Now I love me some Vilma will he get hurt in da camp,
Oh no cause on him I put my personal protection stamp,
So far and so good now tell me about da rest,
Like Roby and Thomas and dat DeMario Press,
So old Pappa Legba said listen you Saints fans,
We are gonna get through dis here training camp without losing one man!

Gris Gris Man, Voodoo MD

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