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Vote For The Best AFC or NFC Divison All-Star Team.


The FanSided family of NFL sites has decided to band together and create an All-Star team for each of the NFLs NFC and AFC division’s (North, South, East, West) with the players for each team to be determined by a vote by the lead writers of each team from each division.

All eight divisions will field a team comprised of the best players at each position.One player at each position – offense and defense – with two running backs and three receivers.

Now each divisions all-star teams have finally been selected and the voting will start with the NFC East vs NFC West and AFC East vs AFC West.

Please hit the jump and vote for who you think would win in a showdown on the strength of their rosters alone.

So who will become the ultimate winner and field the best all-star team, the NFC (South, North, East, West) or the AFC (South, North, East, West)? You decide!