Who Dat Dish
Saints News

Pre Season Gris Gris

By Editorial Staff

Directly from voodoo OTA’s…

Well every year we analyzed dis den we analyzed dat,
And before each season we always looked phat,
Den along came da seasons and smashed all our dreams,
We called ourselves Aints and made with da screams,
Then along came ’09 and all hell done froze over,
We plowed through the league like a yellow bulldozer,
Our New Orleans Saints took the Lombardi back home,
And now here we sit on the World Champions throne,
But do all da critics think we can do it again,
Hell no dey all thinks our chances are slim,
They got more reasons den Carters got pills,
But with our team intact the Saints got lots more thrills,
Our receivers are the best and for sure we got many,
And running backs da yards they sure will get plenty,
Our defense is more better on that they will be surprised,
Then when Drew Brees throws dat ball they not gonna believe their own eyes,
Coach Payton and Williams they are the best in the land,
And all of that means we are ready for the job dat is at hand,
The Gris Gris Man has made some awesome powerful new blow,
That with our game and our fans will get us back to the Super Bowl!

Gris Gris Man, Voodoo Surgeon General