New Orleans Saints: Say It Ain’t So, Injury Bug Lands In New Orleans


It seems over the last few years the Saints Achilles heel has been player injury seemingly always at one particular position or the other as they can never catch a break.

Last season it started at tight end when they lost Billy Miller and Dan Campbell both before the season ever started, this after starter Jeremy Shockey was hobbled by a sports hernia almost the entire 2008-2009 season.

Then All pro left guard Jammal Brown went down before the start of the season as well with a slew of injuries that knocked him out for the entirity of the Saints Super Bowl run.

That’s not to mention when both starting corners went down with injuries  at the same time last season and without Porter and Greer in the lineup the pass defense suffered tremendously falling from 12th to 24th virtually over night.

Those are just the ones that spring to mind but there are several more at virtually every postion the last few seasons.

Injuries of course are a part of football it just seems that the Saints deal with it more so than other teams, most times battling multiple injuries at multiple positions.

Now mid-way through the offseason the Saints are once again hit with a rash of injuries as two prominent players have gone undert the knife.

Wide receiver Robert Meachem recently had a procedure to fix torn cartilage in a toe on his left foot, an injury he suffered at the end of last season, that the team hoped would heal on it’s own and never did.

Right tackle Jon Stinchcomb suffered the dreaded sports hernia injury at a recent OTA and underwent surgery yesterday to repair the damage

Meachem is expected back by the time training camp starts in late July as is Stinchcomb but sports hernia’s typically carry a “short” recovery time but can be unpredictable enough to cost a player their season, just ask Jeremy Shockey and Jammal Brown.

It might not seem like much but in New Orleans when injuries come they come by the bunch, hopefully it’s nothing and the Saints have a relatively healthy 2010-2011 season enroute to a Super Bowl repeat….hopefully.