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New Orleans Saints: Clock Ticking On Whether To Bring Back RB Mike Bell


The Saints are still un-decided at this point whether to bring back running back Mike Bell after he  signed an offer sheet with the Philadelphia Eagles this past Wednesday.

Payton and Loomis have seven days to match the offer made to Bell after tendering him  at roughly 1.2M, 500K less than the offer made by the Eagles, if they plan to keep him.

Three days have past since Bell agreed to the offer and to this point the Saint from office has made no indication of if or when they will indeed match the offer.

Free agent running back Justin Fargas, formerly of the Oakland Raiders, was in for a visit both Tuesday and Wednesday. Fargas can fill the role of a power and goal line back just like Bell can and possibly at a cheaper price to boot.

With so much money already invested in running backs Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas the team may opt for the bargain and sign Fargas over Bell if they can get him at the cheaper rate.

Fargas is not much more than a viable backup at this stage in his career and optimally the Saints would probably prefer to have Bell back being that he is the younger and more productive of the two.

In the meantime the clock will continue to countd0wn as Bell awaits his fate even though it appears all signs point to him not being with the Saints in 2010.

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