Whodatdish.com: March Madness College Basketball On Demand From CBS Sports


A guy has to have something to do and with football at a stand still what better to do then get involved in March Madness college basketball, after all you gotta keep track of your bracket picks right.

CBS Sports has given whodatdish.com access to its March Madness Video On Demand Tool where anyone that is an avid reader of the site, or just happens by, can view all ongoing games as well as archived game footage from contests already decided.

Crazy I know but the reality is all you have to do is click on the link Launch Player and like magic the CBSSports.com College Basketball scoreboard homepage will open along with the video player for your enjoyment.

See we are about more than just Saints football here, at least for now that it is.

Also there is a widget here that displays scores and information in real time from the ongoing tournament, check it out below. If you would like to post it on your facebook, myspace, or any other page just click the basketball in the corner that says “grab it” for the code.

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