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New Orleans Saints: NFL Championship Games Availible On DVD


Do you want to be able to relive the Saints extraordinary win over the Vikings again and again, or better yet be able to rub it in a bit when a Vikings fan comes to visit?

Well now you can!

Together with the NFL, Warner Bros is thrilled to announce that SAINTS’ fans can now commemorate the team’s NFC Championship Win by adding the game to their DVD collection.  Through a state of the art process the game is already available to own on DVD (commercial-free) exclusively online at www.WBshop.com/nfl and www.NFLshop.com.

Here are all of the details about this special release:
–          2010 NFC and AFC Championship games will be available only online (not in stores).  Find them at www.wbshop.com (please share the link).  
–          How much? $14.95 per Game plus shipping ($26.95 for both games)
–          The DVDs are made to order using a state-of-the-art replication process.  The DVD arrives in a hard, Amary case with artwork.
–          The DVD arrives in a week.
–          It will be the full broadcast game with commercials edited out (no halftime show)
–          Takes about a week to receive it.
–          First time we’re expanding the WBShop to include sports manufactured on demand titles.
–          Only DVD version is available.  No Blu-ray

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