Saints Awarded Home Field Advantage After Vikings Overtime Loss To Bears.


New Orleans had two separate chances to secure home field advantage through the play-offs on their own, with wins against the Cowboys followed by the Buccaneers but couldn’t close it out against either opponent losing both contests by a combined ten points.

Enter the Vikings who were suddenly thrust into a position to overtake the Saints for the number one seed in the NFC, all they needed to do was win their last two games.

In an eerily similar fashion the Vikings, much like the Saints, were expected to beat the Bears much like the Saints were expected to beat the Buccaneers except the opposing teams decide to flip the script and instead the Bucs beat the Saints in overtime just like the Bears beat the Vikings in overtime.

Just like that the Saints locked up the top seed in the NFC and were awarded home field advantage, their first ever in the history of the franchise.

The road to the NFC championship goes through New Orleans.

The Saints are not out of the woods yet by any means, their play as of late has left alot to be desired and the once potent offense that averaged nearly forty points a game through the first half of the season now can barely break twenty.

There is work to be done to say the least

Saints fans can take solice in the fact they now have over two weeks to get it corrected because now having home field advantage means the Saints will not play another meaningful game until January 16th or 17th in the divisional round of the play-offs.

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