Saints Kicker Garrett Hartley Tests Positive For Adderall, Will Not Appeal The 4-game Suspension


The Saints can’t seem to get around the NFL’s list of banned substances as several players have had  positive tests, the most notable of which involves starters Charles Grant and Will Smith.

Smith, Grant, and former RB Deuce McAllister tested positive for the banned substance bumetanide, a diuretic taken to help accelerate weigh loss.

McAllister has been released, but both Smith and Grant will have to serve the 4-game suspensions mandated by the league at the start of the 2009 season.

Now starting kicker Garrett Hartley falls victim to the leagues substance policy, clearly in violation after testing positive for Adderall.

Hartley acquired the Adderall through a college friend and took the substance to stay awake while traveling from Dallas to New Orleans for an off-season workout.

Hartley was not aware the substance was on the leagues banned list but should have displayed better judgement given the situation.

The league has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to banned substances and maintains that all players are 100% responsible for what they put in their bodies.

There also is a hot-line for players to call, if they are unsure about a particular substance, for verification if the substance is banned or not.

To fill Hartley’s spot the Saints have re-signed kicker John Carney, whom they released in 2006. Carney spent 2001 to 2006 with the Saints and 2008 with the Giants, making the Pro Bowl.

For complete details on the Carney signing follow this link to read the article.

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