Can Sean Payton Get Away With Another Losing Season?


Love him or hate him Sean Payton may be here to stay for a while.

After all he did pilot the Saints to their best season in franchise history in 2006, he is the architect of the best offense in the NFL, and he was signed to a 5 year contract extension early into the 2008 season.

But after two disappointing seasons (7-9 in 2007 and 8-8 in 2008) will a third losing season propel Payton into the un-employment line?

Maybe so, but it’s a very tough call.

The NFL is a harsh business, you either perform well and produce positive results, or you find the door. It’s just that simple.

Instances of this are every where in this league as a slew of talented coaches will be sitting on their “couches” this season – Mike Shanahan, Romeo Crennel, Jon Gruden, and Herm Edwards among others.

Although Gruden did catch on as an analyst on ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” show. (chuckle, chuckle)

An indication that Payton may be feeling the heat is the complete overhaul of the defense he has put in motion this off season.

Payton had to fire his friend and former defensive coordinator Gray Gibbs, who he brought to New Orleans personally in 2006.

He even took a pay cut so the Saints could afford to hire defensive guru Gregg Williams to replace Gibbs.

Clearly he knows he has to win now.

Personally I think Sean Payton is a great coach and an awesome offensive mind. The opportunites I have had to speak with him at OTA’s and training camp’s he has been polite and forthcoming.

If there is one criticism of Payton it’s that sometimes his play calling in certain situations can be puzzling, and it has cost the Saints a few games in the past.

Criticism aside, coaching is not an easy job. Everyone is entitled to make a mistake from time to time, but in the NFL things are magnified.

One slip up and your ticket is punched. We will see where Payton stands at the end of this season, hopefully it’s good as that means we are in the playoffs.

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