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Darren Sharper Will Be A New Orleans Saint


Rumors have swirled for weeks around whether or not pro bowl safety Darren Sharper will sign with the Saints. Some reports have him very close to a deal and some not so close to the deal- what to believe?

The Saints have made no secrets of their desire to have Sharper as a Saint. Despite visiting with other free agent safeties the Saints have had their cross-hairs solely on Sharper, and reports have his interest in the team just as high.

New Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams needs a smart, athletic safety to quarterback his secondary. He has said multiple times the most important position in his schemes are the middle linebacker position and safety position. Williams needs players in these positions to be able to read opposing offenses and audible changes on the fly.

Williams was quoted as saying Sharper will be the “quarterback of the secondary”. A slip of the tongue worthy of implying Sharper’s signing is all but a done deal.

Sharper is the epitome of this type of player – you can bet that both Payton and Williams are drooling at the thought of him in the black and gold.

Head coach Sean Payton, when quizzed on Sharper siging at LSU’s pro day, stated “We’ll know sooner than later. I think we’ll know something in the next two weeks.”

Payton and the team are optimistic that Sharper will be signed by the time the teams offseason workouts begin March 30th – an offer has been submitted to Sharper for approval.

So I choose to believe that Sharper signing is imminent – the writing is on the wall. It’s just a matter of time before an announcement is made regarding his signing with the team. Dont be surprised when it happens!

To date the Vikings have made no attempt to re-sign Sharper and it’s clear that both Payton and Williams are big fans of Sharper and what he can bring to the team.

Saints fans are already clearing room in the closet for a Sharper jersey.