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What will Reggie Bush’s career become!!!

By Staff

In his rookie season Reggie Bush exploded into the NFL with 8  touchdowns and over 1,000 total yards. He looked like the player he was in college  and destined to become an electric NFL player. However, next year he suffered an awkward sophmore slump highlighted by 8 fumbles. This past season, his third, was even more of a dissapointment, as his mediocre start lead to a week seven injury that hidered his performance. Even last season, I still saw possible flashes that he could turn the corner to becoming and elite NFL running back. It seems though, that after his rookie season the defenses just learned how to adjust to him. His East and West style of running isn’t going to cut it aymore, especially considering his proness to injury. He will have to become a more straight-ahead runner but, that will require him to become healthier. I’m afraid Reggie’s future looks bleak if he cannot come back 100%  from his most reent injury. I think he can be an effective weapon if he is limited to half of the offensive plays and has a power running back ahead of him on the depth chart. Deuce McCallister is close to being done and doesn’t run with the same force. Pierre Thomas could be a servicable starter in front of Reggie but, he to will have to learn how to run between the tackles more effectively. As long as they don’t have a power runner to balance the high-powered aerial assault, defenses will continue to focus on the outside to defend the wide recievers, which also puts them in perfect position to stop Reggie and his outside running style.