Add Charles Grant To The List

By Staff

Well, when it rains it pours.


The Times-Picayune is reporting that DE Charles Grant also tested positive for a substance on the NFL’s banned substance list.

"Two days before one of the highest-profile games of the NFL season, between the Saints and San Diego Chargers at Wembley Stadium, McAllister and Smith were the only players specifically named in the Denver report. The source was also quoted as saying that three to four players who tested positive were from the Saints, and The Times-Picayune learned later Friday that Grant also was among those who tested positive."

Now what?

It has been reported that the players will most likely play this weekend, but then what? The Saints are at a serious crossroad in their season and have battled many injuries. Now, three of their top players are about to be suspended for a quarter of the season, all at once.

Today, is a sad day in the Saints season. As a normally optimistic fan, I am at a near loss for words. Can Bobby McCray play both end positions at the same time?