Saints Dragging Feet On Colston Extension?

By Staff
facebooktwitterreddit had an interesting take on the contract negotiations between the team and WR Marques Colston.  Talks are in the preliminary stages in Colston’s situation, as well as the negotiations for OG Jahri Evans. PFT took a look at the future if a deal doesn’t get done this season with Colston.

"A holdout by Colston is unlikely, but he clearly deserves a raise.  When and if he’ll get one remains to be seen.They’d better move soon, or another team might be willing to give up a first-round pick and a third-round pick in order to pilfer him from the Saints next March.  Given that drafting a wideout in round one is even more of a crapshoot than taking a quarterback, a proven commodity is well worth a one and a three."

I’d be utterly shocked if it came down to this. Colston is only 25 years old and has produced at a very high level in his first two seasons in the league. It’s hard to imagine the team would let him even sniff free agency and I fully expect a deal to get done before the start of the season. There isn’t an immediate rush as Colston is not expected to hold out nor will his personality allow him to be a distraction.