Wynn Critcizes Saints

By Staff

While trying to make his signing with the Giants seem great, DE Renaldo Wynn took a few low blows against the Saints, who he played 12 games for last season as a reserve.

"“Some of the players might have got a little comfortable, some of the young guys,” Wynn said today. “Sometimes that is a hard thing; you have a lot of young guys who might not know how to take success as much. Obviously, with the Saints they have not had a long tradition of winning. How do you accept the success? I think that some of the young guys probably had a hard time accepting that and looking at it like, ‘Hey, you aren’t going to sneak up on anybody, people are going to be aiming for you.’”"

How stupid of me to not realize Renaldo Wynn (Who dat?) was a Super Bowl legend. I mean I couldn’t even find a good picture of this guy in a Saints uniform. Yes, the Saints underachieved last season but they were just not a better team than their opponents in the first four games of the season and that caused them to have a poor season. Renaldo Wynn has 25 career sacks in 11 seasons in the NFL. Come on. Someone has to have a say when people are allowed to criticize and not. Yea, it may seem like he is telling it like it is but why say it when you go to the defending Super Bowl champs. Move on, Renaldo.