Who Pushed Mueller Out?

By Staff

ProFootballTalk.com is reporting that there is talk from league circles supporting claims that either Sean Payton or Mickey Loomis are to blame for the ousting of former V.P of Player Personnel, Rick Mueller.

The situation is definitely interesting. It’s hard to envision Sean Payton having that much pull in the organization to have someone with the experience of Mueller to be fired. Loomis, however, has now been the General Manager of the Saints since 2002 and was named executive of the year in 2007. Having been in charge for six years now, it makes sense that he wants to call more of the shots even if he is not known as a football guru.

Also, the Payton/Loomis duo are going to be in charge of the team until they fail. Usually a general manager and the first coach the general manager hired are tied hand in hand. A new coach or a new general manager rarely, if ever, agree with the incumbent. Payton was the first coached Loomis hired so these two are the architects responsible for the team that is built now. The team still has scouts and a coach that knows talent so Loomis will not be alone when making a decision.