Will Smith To Report To Minicamp

By Staff

DE Will Smith will reportedly take part in this weekend’s minicamp after skipping prior voluntary workouts organized team activity sessions. Smith, 27, is in the final year of his rookie contact.

"“Obviously, Will has been discussing and is interested in a new contract,” Segal said Thursday. “He told me he will be at the minicamp and doesn’t want to miss the time to work to get better and maintain his goal of attaining a Super Bowl win.”"

His agent, Joel Segal, is also the agent for Marques Colston, who is in the final year of his rookie contract as well. It’s hard to imagine either Colston or Smith leaving the team as they are key parts for the future and current core of the team. In addition, Jahri Evans and Jonathan Vilma are also due to the become free agents. That Mickey Loomis has his work cut out for him. Vilma will most likely be taken care of after the season to because of the knee situation. Smith should probably be the easiest to find his value with the numerous big defensive signings in the past few seasons (Charles Grant included). Colston will most likely be paid as a top 10 wide receiver. Evans situation might be a little trickier. He has performed exceptionally well since being drafted but with the numbers given to guards the past few years it might be tough to imagine the Saints giving out so many mega-contracts. He can be replaced by a few people already on the roster, with a slip in play of course.