Brees 2006 Top Signing

By Staff

In an article on naming the best free agent signings since free agency began in 1993, Drew Brees was the pick for 2006. It was amazing how at the time many people believed the Saints would use the #2 pick that offseason on a quarterback but instead they went and signed an already proven player. The Dolphins are the ones who Saints fans should thank as instead they went and traded a second round pick for Daunte Culpepper when they were in a better position to land Brees. They were more concerned with Brees’ shoulder than they were of Culpepper’s knee, which might be a reason why Bill Parcells is in charge over there now.

Also it’s funny (now at least) to see Jake Delhomme as the 2003 top signing. Everybody that watched the team knew he deserved a chance to play but Jim Haslett stuck with Aaron Brooks until the end. Joe Horn was also named as a honorable mention for the year 2000.

It seems as if the front office is finally improving with offseason acquisitions. Too many times they’ve stayed pat when they needed a few players to make them contenders. Acquiring Brees was that move to put them in a great position for the future. While it was a great risk, it surely has paid off. It’s hard to imagine the Saints having a different quarterback any time in the near future and it is great to have that luxury at the most important position on the field.