Did The Saints Find The Next Colston?

By Staff

Reports following the Saints rookie mini-camp, which completed this past weekend, are that seventh round rookie WR Adrian Arrington looked very impressive. Arrington, whose size and draft status creates obvious comparisons to Marques Colston, slipped in the draft due to off-the-field issues.

"“Terry Malone, our tight ends coach, recruited him when he was at Michigan, so we had a little background on the player,” Payton said. “I’m not talking about his ability, I’m talking more about his home life, where he’s from, what kind of kid he is, is he a good learner, is he stubborn, is he flexible, does he want to become a good player.“The challenge of scouting when you deal with so many players is gathering as much information as you can to improve your odds on making the right decisions. He’s a guy that we felt had ability. I like his size and he’s a guy that we felt comfortable with, character-wise, clearly, so we gave him an opportunity."

The Saints have been reluctant in the past on taking players with character issues so that makes me believe Arrington will not be an issue in that regard. As for on the field, this was a camp with only rookies and players trying out without pads so I don’t put too much stock in his performance. Arrington does have the potential to make an impact but he will have to perform in the camps, being the Saints have quality depth at the receiver position. Meet Adrian Arrington: