Saints Trade Up; Select Ellis at #7

By Staff

I suggested earlier this morning that I could see a scenario in which the Saints trade up a few spots and select USC DT Sedrick Ellis. Sure enough after a botched attempt to trade up with the Chiefs to select Glenn Dorsey, the Saints and Patriots agreed to a trade that allowed the Saints to move up to the #7 pick. The Saints sent their first and third round picks this season for the Patriots first and fifth round picks of this season.

The Saints tried frantically to trade up to the Chiefs’ #5 pick, even offering two first round picks (one this year and another next year) and a second-round pick this season. After the failed attempt, the Saints set their sights on Ellis and jumped a few spots to ensure the chance to take him.

The attention for the Saints now turns to their #40 selection. It’ll be interesting to see where the Jeremy Shockey trade talks end up. Keep in mind the Saints acquired a fifth round pick also from the Pats as well. Maybe a second and fifth-round pick this season for Shockey?