NFL Draft 2008

By Staff

The day we have all been waiting for has arrived. And boy it seems like this day won’t let us Saints fans down with suspense and excitement. The real question is what will the Saints do? They have upped their offer for TE Jeremy Shockey but at the same time they have offered one of those picks to the Eagles for CB Lito Shepperd.

Also, there is a draft today. Where will the Saints go with their top pick? Will it be a trade up for one of the defensive tackles (Dorsey or Ellis) or will it be staying pat and taking one of the corners (McKelvin, Rogers-Cromartie, Jenkins, or Talib). Maybe they select a linebacker (Rivers).

Now, how do I see the day playing out? It seems as if the Lito Shepperd situation is just to get the Giants to accept the offer for Shockey. I see the trade being what Jay Glazer reported (a second-round pick this year and a late round selection). Also, it’s hard to imagine the Saints staying pat and not trying to trade up for Sedrick Ellis if he’s around the Patriots pick (#7). According to the “new” trade chart, it’ll cost the Saints their first-round and third-round picks this season to move up three spots. The Saints are already missing their fourth-round pick from the Jonathan Vilma trade so they will be sacrificing almost all of their draft selections if this situation plays out. They will, however, put out a super-bowl caliber team, which as a fan is all you can ask for.

I guess we can only wait.