The Jeremy Shockey Saga

By Staff

If you have been alive and are a football fan, then you should be very aware of the rumors lingering of a possible trade between the Saints and the Giants regarding TE Jeremy Shockey. It has been reported that the two teams discussed a possible deal involving a 2nd round draft pick and S Roman Harper. I do not believe the Saints will trade Harper to the Giants in any deal because of the simple fact they can not afford a downgrade at a position they are fairly weak in.

I do believe they have a very strong interest in acquiring Shockey. It has been quite some time since the Saints had a legitimate tight-end and have been filling the position in with mediocre players (Ernie Conwell, David Sloan, Eric Johnson, etc.) for the past few years. My concerns with Shockey, however, are his injuries, attitude, and the fact that his current team (Giants) and quarterback (Eli Manning) looked their absolute best with him out this past season.

I have confidence in GM Mickey Loomis and HC Sean Payton on making the right move but the Saints offense has been amongst the best the past few years. A second round pick might be better off used on the defensive side of the ball. I do believe the deal, however, is in the works for the simple fact that it has been out there for the past month and will not go away. I am fairly positive we will have an outcome on this by Saturday evening, when the first two rounds of the draft will have concluded. Stay tuned.