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Wise Up: Atlanta Falcons and Their Fans Need a Reality Check

I couldn’t help but be amused by all of the response that I’ve gotten recently from my article a few weeks ago titled : ” Blood Feud: Why I Hate the Atlanta Falcons “. So even though I’m here in New Orleans at the moment to cover Saints Training Camp, I’ll take a moment to address the criticisms I’ve gotten from fans from across the Falcons fan-base who got their feelings hurt by my article. The only problem with that is I’ll probably get myself in deeper when I use their incredibly stupid catch-phrase “Rise Up” to make this statement: It’s time for them to “wise up” — the Atlanta Falcons and their fans need a reality check.



So why such a bold statement? Surely I realize that it’s foolish to dismiss the Falcons’ chances of success in the upcoming NFL year before the first snap of the regular season, right? The answer to that question is yes, of course — although I’m pretty sure that even in the mind of the most casual observer of professional football; that this is a team and a franchise that quite obviously is in panic and desperation mode, and their devoted fans are sure to follow suit. The simple fact of the matter is that the Atlanta Falcons just AREN’T that good.


As the collective worlds of the Falcons triumvirate of GM Thomas Dimitroff, Assistant GM Scott Pioli and head coach Mike Smith come crashing down around them, the Who Dat Nation can only sit back and observe in gleeful bemusement. After all, this was a team that just a year and a half ago was 10 yards away from going to the Super Bowl. Yet as of this moment, in my opinion they’ll clearly be fortunate to even muster a break-even season record at this point.

Yes…Yes…. I know Julio Jones is back — but unless Julio is going to literally CARRY this team on his back, they’re not going anywhere; except of course destined to finish behind their bitter arch-rivals in the Black and Gold whom are among the elite teams of the conference and the entire League. The Falcons passing game in my opinion is probably one of the very best that there is throughout the NFL, but it takes a total team effort to be successful (something the Saints themselves found out back in 2012) nowadays. That’s something the Falcons lack terribly. It will take alot more than just being featured on “Hard Knocks”, if the Falcons hope to be in the national spotlight in 2014.

If someone is reading this as a member of the Falcons organization or as a Falcons fan, then here’s their reality check: The offensive line is in shambles, they have no pass rush, their defensive secondary is questionable at best, their special teams are a mess, and they still don’t have a running game to compliment their one strength of the passing game; ingredients that I believe are a certain recipe for a disastrous campaign in 2014. If this past week’s dismal showing in a 32-7 loss to a Houston Texans team that everyone assumes the Falcons should “look better than” is an indication, it’s gonna get real ugly in the ‘ATL’ before too long.

(Photo courtesy of the Associated Press)

(Photo courtesy of the Associated Press)


Now that I’ve spent enough time on why owner Arthur Blank, the Atlanta Falcons organization and their fans need to “wise up”and accept that reality check; I’d like to take moment to address just a few of the folks who got their feelings hurt by my previous article that I mentioned above. The response was so overwhelming that I decided it would be better to just answer some of them here — instead of adding to the chaos that occurred in the comments section of that article from two weeks ago. Here are just a few of the “highlights” from those comments, and my dignified response to each.


From Matt De Lisle:


Lmao, really? You’re comparing a scene from YEARS ago of 3 scumbag kids beating the crap out of a Saints fan to some young kid showing up at camp and talking trash to poor innocent Kenny? Really? Get your head out of your a**. It’s a hated rivalry and I could show and send you PLENTY of classless Saints fans, AS WELL as Falcons fans. Just be grateful neither fan base stabs people like San Fran fans. Regardless, stop accounting one instance to an entire fan base and grow up.





Well Matt, you’re right on two accounts: I have in fact seen plenty of classless fans from our own fan-base, and surely the Who Dat Nation is not without its share of knuckleheads. I also agree that at least neither of our respective fan-bases have ever tried to KILL each other (though my experience from that fateful day in September of 1979 surely could have ended that way). To be honest my lingering hatred only BEGAN on that day.



But it’s the classless acts of Falcons fans like flipping me off at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport because I have a Drew Brees jersey on (the same airport where the Saints’ team bus was “egged” last year as they departed for the team hotel); or continuing the tasteless comments about our city’s experiences in Hurricane Katrina (a storm  that occured over nearly a decade now, but which Falcons fans still like to reference to solicit an angry response from Saints fans), that really make me to continue feeling the way that I do. Otherwise, this would be a rivalry that I could actually look at as good-natured fun, instead of complete and total DISDAIN.



From RG Ice:


Yes lets keep reminiscing current events, like the bounty scandal your team was proven guilty of the year you guys got a Lombardi. Goodell let you keep it because of Katrina, that’s it. Keep going on and on about our fan base and our team but ours got to a Superbowl and NFC champ games without cheating. You swamp rats will never be able to wash the stink of that away no matter how hard you try. What record against the Falcons do you think you’ll have when Brees retires, your cheaters are gone and you’re stuck playing us in the NFC divisional round (assuming you even get close to getting a wildcard spot and winning the WC game)at the new Falcons stadium every year?





Wow —— where do I even begin? Let me just answer the most RIDICULOUS part of that statement, and say that if your ‘conspiracy theory’ about the League and Commissioner Goodell “giving” the Saints a Super Bowl title because of Hurricane Katrina was accurate, then how do you explain the League’s reaction to BountyGate, where punishments were handed down to members of the Saints organization, coaching staff, and players, without a SHRED of actual evidence.



Were they “feeling sorry” for us then? I think it speaks to my point that Falcons fans especially need a serious reality check because they’re simply in DENIAL of many unpleasant facts — the least of which is that the Saints have won a Super Bowl and they haven’t. More importantly than that however is the simple fact that their team, though talented in several key skill positions, is not even among the better teams in the division, much less the conference or the entire League.



From TONYT203:



What’s the big deal dude? Do you know how many teams in the league have just ONE ring. Oh Yeah. You wouldn’t know. You clowns spend more time bragging about the ONE you have, to notice. What is it? 2014? Dude, that was 2009. Move On. The only way you’ll ever get there again. Is, if you get home field advantage in that Voodoo dome. Because everybody knows that if you have more than one game on the road in the playoff. It’s a wrap. I think Drew Brees is one the top QB’s in the league. Especially since I think he’s the only reason you win at all. But, since you seem to care so much about stats. The one thing I know is. Drew Brees and Peyton Manning can break every passing records every season. It don’t mean jack, if you don’t make it to the big game. And win it. Or in Brees case. Make it back to the big game. With all the passing records Brees and Manning set every year. The big difference is, Manning has a least got his team to the big game three times as many as Brees has. Let’s just wait and see what happens this year. And oh yeah. Grow up and stop crying. You’re not 11 years old anymore.



Well Tony, you’re exactly right when you say that we’ve only won ONE Super Bowl, although I suppose that even that paltry amount is better than NONE AT ALL — which of course is how many your Dirty Birds have, as in a big fat zero. (Saints fans can insert their favorite joke here, such as: “Why do Falcons fans enjoy going to Mc Donald’s to eat? Because they have no rings”). So Brees has to make it back to the Super Bowl to validate his Hall of Fame career in your opinion, right? If he never makes it back, I don’t think it tarnishes his legacy at all. At least he will HAVE a legacy, something a Falcons QB such as a Bartowski or (currently) a “Matty Ice”, will NEVER achieve (at least not in our lifetime).



There of course are others that I’d really like to respond to, but they’re filled with so much profanity and obscene language (who’s “classless”, again?) that I can’t possibly re-print them here, but I’ll let you use your imagination or you can simply click the link provided in the opening paragraph and check them out for yourself. In the meantime, I need to get back to the business at hand of covering Saints Training Camp for the remainder of my time back here in my hometown of New Orleans (before I fly back to my current residence in Indiana next week).



I’m certainly glad that I was able to share this little “reality check” with you good Falcons folks, before the 7th of September. That’s the day you’ll probably realize that it’s time to “wise up” ; when you finally comprehend that your team is destined to fail yet again in their never-ending quest to “be better” than their arch-rivals, a team that even though you despise them — is a team that you wish that your own could be a lot more like. ‘Reality check’ SERVED…………………………………….

(Photo courtesy of Zimbio.com)

(Photo courtesy of Zimbio.com)

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