Who Dat Dish: Weekly Pick’em! (Week 17)

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Dec 22, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (17) talks with San Diego Chargers receiver Keenan Allen (13) after a missed third down attempt during the second half against the Oakland Raiders at Qualcomm Stadium. The Chargers won 26-13. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Thoughts from insidej0b

Pretty much the most meaningful Week 17 in recent memory for the NFL. All four divisions are still up for grabs in the NFC. The AFC picture is much clearer, but all of these games are division games – where weird stuff happens. Good luck picking these games.

Panthers – As much as it pains me to admit that I think the Panthers are going to be the godforsaken Falcons this weekend, that’s the truth of the situation. I hope they take the Falcons lightly, get plastered Saturday night, and aren’t able to field a single player that isn’t hungover.

Bengals – Cincy may just be able to take care of business at home. They need to win to have a chance at the playoffs.

Colts – Even though I’ve lost faith in the Colts, I still think they are better than the Jags.

Dolphins – This team is scary to pick, but I think they might have enough focus to win at home against the Jets at home since they’re still in the playoff hunt.

Lions – Yeah, picking the Lions. Talk about an underwhelming, underperforming team. They may just lose to the Vikings.

Giants – Haslett is a fraud.

Titans – The Texans quit on this season weeks ago.

Steelers – Tempted to take the Browns here, but I think that the Steelers experience beats the Browns youth.

Packers – Rodgers is back and Chicago looked like they were playing a week 3 game with no meaning behind it last week.

Saints – See what I said about Chicago above and multiply it by a month and three particular games. This team has been going in 5 different directions since Thanksgiving and the only thing that is going to save their season is the fact that they’re playing Tampa in the Dome. The Saints should pummel the Bucs, considering the Bucs’ playoff hopes dies in something like week one and the Saints look like a different team in the Dome. That being said, I’m still as nervous as can be about this game because of their apathy in the clutch last week.

Patriots – The Bills are a lay-up for New England at home at this stage of the game.

49ers – Screw the Cardinals.

Broncos – Can the Raiders beat the Broncos backups? Probably not, and they won’t be facing them with home field guaranteed for the Broncos with a win.

Chargers – Five weeks ago I’d have taken the Chiefs without thinking about it. Now, not so much. Especially if the Chiefs don’t play their starters.

Seahawks – Hawks at home = win. No Jake Long = Rams’ loss.

Eagles – Romo or no Romo, the Cowboys are owned and run by Jerry Jones and will lose this game for that fact alone.

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Which matchups are you most excited to watch this weekend? Which staff member do you think will emerge on top for this week? Let us know below!

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